The two humungous SUV’s of Indian market Toyota Fortuner & Jeep Compass is going to rival each other. Let’s see the what gets more and gives more to the customers.


Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner

Winner: By seeing all the above figures it is evident that Toyota Fortuner gains upper hand in this category. And also the 7-seat offering makes the SUV a winner as compared to the 5-seater Compass. No discrimination here, the Jeep Compass also holds a bigger stance as compared to the remaining segment rivals.

The high ground clearance is the main point to be discussed, as of this, Fortuner stands 6mm taller than Compass, which gives a good experience to the tenants on all tarmac conditions.

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Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner


Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner



Winner: Here also Toyota Fortuner dominated the Jeep Compass. The Fortuner engine is more powerful than the Compass. The 2.7-litre engine provides all the powerful execution to the Fortuner than the Compass’s 1.4-litre petrol engine. As of the output figures, Compass’ generating power is only 3 PS lesser than the Fortuner mill. Surprisingly, taking the weight ratio into consideration Compass stands best than Fortuner. Also Read: Jeep Compass Review

Don’t underestimate the Compass’s diesel performance, it generates only 4 PS low power output than the Fortuners mighty performance figures.


Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner

Safety Features:

Though, they belong to different segments and having all the unique fittings and offerings and also being top sellers in the SUV segment we made a comparison so as to make sure the buyer to what to buy. Hence it is clear that Fortuner gives you all the off-road experience to the greater extent. While the simple on-road capabilities are done with Compass. So the choice is yours! Also Read: Jeep Compass Trailhawk Launch Details

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