Ferrari 458 Italia Review

The finest sports carmaker Ferrari came with their new. A replacement to the F430, the 458 Italia is generations ahead of the car that it replaces. It is one of the desirable sports cars on the planet which won the Performance Car award in 2011. Initially, the 458 was thought of as a junior Ferrari but this mid-engine, V8 from Maranello is anything but a junior Ferrari.

This masterpiece is available in distinctive colors like:

Powertrain & Drivetrain

This lightning monster powered by a 4.5-litre direct injection V8 engine which generates [email protected] and 530Nm of torque at 6000rpm. The 180-degree, flat-plane crankshaft allows Ferrari engineers to seal the crankcase into two air chambers. as of Starting the engine we hear no cam chain thrash and the noise is all exhaust, managed through the intake valves. The engine yells growls and roars and 100kmph is claimed in 3.4seconds with a top speed of 325kmph.

The are five lights on the steering wheel indicates the time to shift to a higher gear as the revs close to their redline. 200kmph is reached in just over 10seconds and the engine is matched to a dual-clutch, seven-speed automatic transmission. Among staunch Ferrari enthusiasts, the choice of gearbox has become some conflict in the auto-market and this is the first time for a Ferrari sports car not having an option of a manual transmission. The 458 Italia is the sleekest Ferrari with a drag coefficient of 0.330 and the downforce at 325kmph is almost a third of the weight of the car.

As of ride quality, the 458 Italia sticks to the spaceframe chassis with aluminum body panels. Around corners, this car is a rocket shaped and the 20-inch wheels come with 235/35 (front) and 295/35 (rear) tires stick to the surface and we don’t feel any nervousness in its handling. The damping was adjustable and the 458’s Brembo sourced carbon ceramic brakes are thoroughly up to the job. The steering is fast, feels agile and the 458 has all the poise that we expect from a mid-engine Ferrari.

Elegant Design

Ferrari again made this super luxury car with all the flamboyance and overwhelmedness so as to figure out its sales and as well for the applause. The 458 Italia is beautiful and perfect in its lines. Designed by Pininfarina, this Ferrari turns heads with its low-slung shape and taut surfaces. At the rear, there are triple tailpipes and the engine is visible through the rear windscreen. The inlet wings angle air upwards so that enough being pushed through the radiators at low speeds and also reducing drag at high speeds.

The small lip on the boot provides plenty of down forces and a movable wing is not necessary. There is a touch of Enzo in the 458’s styling like the shape and position of the rear lights. The vents below the tail lights are for radiators to cool the gearbox and clutch. The LEDs in the headlamp cluster amazes. The flat undertray provides aero efficiency and the 458 generates more downforce than the F430. Clever aerodynamics don’t interfere with the beauty of the car as the 458 Italia is one of the most desirable one in times.

Awesome Interior

As we step in the 458 feels trendy and the air con vents make the dashboard looks wrapped around the driver. There is a flavor of Ferrari-ness and a sense of occasion that we expect from the manufacturer with the soft, high-quality leather, chunky steering wheel with the Ferrari emblem embossed in the center and gearshift paddles mounted behind the steering. Most of the controls are placed on the steering wheel and the cabin is extremely driver focused. Even the indicator, windscreen wiper and headlight controls are placed on the steering wheel. The interiors are a revelation and at the centre of the dashboard is the large tachometer and two LCD screens with multiple functions.

The seats are designed of carbon-fibre, appearance is great but getting into the 458 Italia can be a bit of a problem. The seats are comfortable with ample head, leg, and shoulder room. The quality materials employed in it makes the occupants as to feel like heavenly.


Ferrari is ranked top when it comes to making road cars. The 458 Italia is Ferrari’s greatest achievement. Truly, the Italia is practical and delivers scintillating ground-covering pace. As being it stuffed with technology, it achieves the heights, by satisfying the customers with the ever changing technology and becoming an awesome cutting edge automobile.