Tata Nexon debuted at the 2018 auto expo with significant accessory packages like Aero and Aktiv. Tata attentively focusing on their lineup so as to meet the market expectations and customers need.

As of this, Tata did feet by with the announcement of accessory packages, that makes the Nexon SUV desirable model among all the existing segment leaders. Let you know more about the accessory packages. Continue.. reading.

The Tata Nexon Aero Kit comes accessible to the customers in 5-optional customization levels. The Aero Kit offers 3-Levels of customization. So, the basic Aero Kit is accessible in XE, XM, XT, XZ AND XZ+ variants.

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Level-1 Aero Kit

The level-1 Aero Kit offers a fog lamp at the front, side skirts, a body kit with bumper corner protectors, and Aero emblem.

This kit is also accessible with XE and also in high-end trim like XZ+. So, with these additional offerings, it costs you an extra of INR 30,160.

Level-2 Aero Kit

Whereas the level-2 Aero Kit categorized into 2 sub options like “Aero Kit Level-2” as a first option and “Aero Kit Level-2” as the second option.

This level-2 kit gets boasted with a red mirror covers, Aero seat covers, illuminated scuff plates and Aero and rear boot carpets.

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The “Aero Kit Level-2” option-1 is offered with the XE, XM and XT trims which costs an INR 40,824. While The “Aero Kit Level-2” 2-option boasts the above said features and also gets an additional rim band feature that costs you INR 46,856 extra for the add-ons.

Level-3 Aero Kit

The Level-3 Aero Kit also divided into 2 categories like “Aero Kit Level-3” as a first option and “Aero Kit Level-3” as the second option. The Level-3 Aero Kit is only to offered XE, XM and XT trim.

The level-3 Aero Kit gets level-2 Kit features + an additional gloss black roof wrap which gives the car a premium look. With all the add-ons the level-3 gets a price tag of INR 55,625.

While the 2-option of level-3 equipped with highlights like the complete body kit, fog lamps at the front, Aero emblem, Aero and rear boot carpets, red mirror coverings, an illuminated scuff plates, Aero seat covers and red rimbands.

All these features only get fitted to the XZ and XZ+ variants. With these additional highlights, it costs us INR 61,574 extra on the regular variant.

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All prices stated above are only accessories fitment charges, the INR 7,000 will be charged as the cost of workers. And one should pay extra bucks of INR 3,500 for gloss black roof wrapping. NOTE: All the prices stated above are exclusive of taxes.

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