2018 Auto Expo is being a most happening event for showcasing the real-time innovative concept cars that going to allure the auto market very soon.

In the event, the electric hybrid cars rolled over the red carpet to mesmerize the audience with futuristic technology. With all the blow the major carmakers like Mercedes-Benz, Renault, BMW, Honda etc.

On the other hand, carmakers also unveiled their concept cars & ready models which in turn enthrals the Indian & International market.

Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai grabbed all the footfalls over the event with the “Ioniq” electric which was the most innovative electronic powertrain model launched so far from the carmaker.

The fascinating thing is the Ioniq is available globally with 3- powertrains as the combustion engine, hybrid and electric.

Shah Rukh Khan the brand ambassador covered-off this futuristic model. Hyundai not only, but also unveiled the latest models that surely spell-bounds the most.

Hyundai Kona

Hyundai Kona

Kona is the only compact SUV from the carmaker to launch the all-doors-sealed prototype format vehicle. The rumours among the two are that the one among the Ioniq & Kona will roll out to India this year.

These two innovative models are the game changers in the Hyundai portfolio, which are also the best models to be considered in time.

Honda: Sports EV and NeuV concepts

Honda Sports EV

Honda Sports EV and NeuV concepts are the 2-new ambitious models for the carmaker. These 2-platforms boasts alike features like driver assistance, big curved touch-enabled OLED display, speech and gestures, and the overlaying future-oriented approach are the best features to be considered.

Honda Sports AV

These 2-models from Honda give the clear implication that these will be the desirable cars to be launched in India very soon.

Tata Motors: Tigo, Tiago, TaMo RaceMo Electric

Tata Tiago & Tigor

Tata Motors lineup is colorful with the 2-new concept vehicles that were beyond the imagination. First, one is the Tiago hatchback and the sibling sedan Tigor that comes offered in electric models.

The initiative of the Tata Motors is to deliver the best class models to the government as the Mahindra doing, and also offer the reliable models to the auto customers.

Top Electric Cars

The Tata TaMo RaceMo is an electric powertrain roadster with an impressive design dynamics. The all-electric RaceMo is not a concept model anymore but the Tata’s is very keen to keep this electric model only in the portfolio, So we’ll not expecting this electrified car on roads.

Suzuki e-Survivor concept

Top Electric Cars

The Suzuki e-Survivor is the pride concept model for the Suzuki which is the contemporary EV model that lays the path forth the futuristic models. The Suzuki e-Survivor concept is the electric powertrain model with driver assist units, which will be the hope for the upcoming hybrid’s.

Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul is the electrified car unveiled at the 2018 Auto Expo. The Kia Soul gets placed alongside with the Niro and Optima plug-in hybrids.The Kia Soul EV main motto is to bag the mass niche and to give a tough fight to Homegrown Mahindra. The Kia Soul might see the Indian roads from 2019.

Mercedes: Benz EQ Concept

Top Electric Cars

The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ is the futuristic model that the carmaker sustained it for the future. The EQ concept bragged the auto expo footfalls with the smart looks and size. The Concept EQ boasts all futuristic amenities like swiveling seats, reality screens, retracting steering wheel and long-range electric-only traveling mechanism.So, it surely a futuristic approach from the Mercedes-Benz.

Renault: Zoe

Top Electric Cars

Another desirable carmaker “Renault” headed with a compact hatchback “Zoe” which was a simple model with minimal interior elements and features. By this, it surely receives a good response from the Indian customers by the launch.The Renault Zoe got a good ovation at the Auto Expo, with all this boosting Renault might launch the Zoe with all the sustainable development.

Renault: Trezor concept

Top Electric Cars

The Renault Trezor is a concept model that not rushes to the market in the coming years. So it remains as a concept model till the carmaker decide to keep on track.

BMW: i3S

Top Electric Cars

The 2018 Auto Expo is sumptuous to the footfalls with the smart, eye-catchy and plusher with BMW i3s hatchback. The BMW i3s see the Indian road in the coming year. The BMW i3s is expected to offer only in electric form and might be the first luxury edition in India that boasts up with an all-electric powertrain, although no official word from the carmaker regarding exact price and launch.

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