Rolls Royce Phantom II Review

The Phantom is not only the ultimate stature symbol, it’s the workmanship of handcrafted luxury automaker. Its design is made of an aluminum structure that rides atop an air suspension for euphoric comfort. And finally, with refinements, the manufacturer has now launched the Phantom II in India. The Phantom II is available in 4 different variants and priced at the range of INR 4.38crore.

Rolls Royce Phantom is available in elegant colors like:

Powerful Drivetrain

The Phantom II hang on to the 6.75-liter V-12 direct injection petrol engine. The power rating of 453PS at 5350rpm remains the same with the electronically limited top speed of 240kmph and an acceleration timing of 5.7seconds to 100kmph. Rolls Royce claims that the Phantom II is now 10percent more economical compared to before and matched to the engine now is a new eight-speed ZF transmission that replaces the old six-speed unit. The transmission is quieter but the software in it limits the acceleration and isn’t particularly inherent choosing a gear. Though there is lots of zeal, there is a sense of calm about the way it drives.

Effective Ride & Suspension

The Phantom II comes with a double wishbone suspension at the front and multi-link rear suspension complete. It also equips with anti-lift and anti-dive technology along with anti-roll bars and self-levelling air struts. The aluminium spaceframe is rigid and the dynamic package allows you to change the suspension setting. The Sports button alters the throttle mapping and the steering feel and for a car of its size, the Phantom II amazes us on the road with its dynamics. There are more sensors on the car which makes over 4000 calculations per second before it deploys the airbags, braking, Stability Control and Traction Control. The ride quality is the most desirable aspect to be loved including the grandeur so as per us it will be more than enough and have no reason to complain.

Arresting Design

This ghost comes with the round fog lights which are replaced by a LED headlight setup with daytime running lights. The latest headlights are sleeker as well and come with an indicator strip set. The characterized headlamps change the beam patterns on their own depending on the driving conditions. While at low speed the beam spreads, at speeds higher than 50kmph the beam becomes narrower. The front and rear bumper are new and the creases are softer. The new grille is made up from a single piece of stainless steel with manufacturer’s badge. The glass on the C-pillar has a new fitment and also changes made to the rear bumper as well. There are new designs available for the alloy wheels and overall the changes to the Phantom are subtle. The design of the car holds some strong elements like the long bonnet and a short rear deck.

Lavish Interior

The dashboard remains the same as before but it gets a new LCD screen which uses BMW’s iDrive system, audio and mobile connectivity. It makes use of leather and the car retains the large thin-rimmed steering wheel. The cabin is so designed that it would remind passengers of being on a cruiser. The seats are extremely comfortable and well bolstered and with 5842mm of length, 1990mm of width and 1638mm of height, front and rear passengers are pampered with luxury and space as a quotient.


This car is meant for those who wish to buy prestige instead of surfer. This effortless car steals by its remarkable employments in interior and exterior. Lastly Rolls-Royce phantom states the workmanship is the only motto to produce the deserving models into the market.


– Retro Design
– Enough space
– Enlighted safety features


– Otrageous Pricing